We are launching a new environment this September called One Life Academy (OLA). As followers of Jesus we are continuously wrestling with how our faith affects the day-to-day. Let’s remember, God cares about all 168 hours of our week. OLA is an environment where we will learn that the principles of God are relevant right where we are, today, in this moment, in this place. We will offer childcare for all ages except for nursery age.

**OLA will replace Life Groups during this season**

Come learn how following Jesus can affect every part of your life

One Life Academy


The following Wednesday evenings we will gather for a meal and a set of engaging classes.

  • September 11
  • September 25
  • October 9
  • October 23
  • November 6
  • November20


6:00 – Dinner**
6:30 – Dinner will stop being served
6:50 – Classes Start
7:40 – Classes End

**Donations will be accepted to cover cost of the meal

one life can make a difference



God has placed you, a parent, in your child’s life and you are perfectly positioned to parent them for faith, just as you are right now. We believe it is never too early and never too late to start Parenting for Faith. We want you to feel confident, equipped and resourced, and we hope that through this course you’ll discover what it looks like to help your children (of all ages) be connected to God in the everyday.


For the next 6 weeks we will tackle some of the critical conversations to help you lay a strong foundation that will produce a healthy and strong marriage for years to come. Once you’re done, you’ll know each other better and be more prepared for a life of peace, assurance and intimacy.


This class is jam packed with practical content and teaches you how to: Pay off Debt, Budget, Save Money, and Give Generously. It will be loosely based on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University but does not cover every aspect of FPU.

Grief/Loss 101

Do you feel stuck in your emotions after a death of a loved one, a divorce or the breakup of a romantic relationship? Do you think that people are pressuring you to“moveon and get over it” when you have lost a job or a favorite pet? Loss is part of our life and no one teaches us how to lose something. In this class, we will take action steps to move beyond a loss. This is not your typical grief class, this is one that can change your life. $20 handbook required(availablethe night of class). Need more information? Loss101.org


Stories are what shape is as individuals and as a people. In this class, we will experience the Old Testament through campfire storytelling. We will learn to find our story within the messiness of Israel’s.  Grab a s’mores, pull up a log, and let’s dive in together. 

Debunking mental health stigma

1 in 5 children and adults are affected by Brain Disorders which include: behavioral/mental health, learning/intellectual disabilities, ADHD, autism, trauma, substance use and neurological disorders.  In this class, we will empower you to have access to wellness and services to meet the needs for yourself, family members and friends with the loving support of God’s grace and peace.  This class will look at whole person and give practical solutions to finding the mind/body balance to achieve long term wellness.

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