Series Blurb: 150 chapters full of songs, prayers, powerful imagery, heart felt laments and journal entries. The Bible calls these 150 chapters the Psalms. It’s longest book of the Bible. But what purpose do they serve? Why should we read them? Where are they leading us? The psalms are meant to connect the truth of God and our experience of God. They connect our everyday wanderings with the heart of God. This will be a marathon friends. We are going to walk through the Psalms for the next few months, looking for and exploring the depth of who God is, what God is up to and what that means for our lives in the here and now. Join us each week online at for a worship gathering on Sunday at 10:30am, Sunday at 8:30pm or Wednesday at 8:30pm. Also Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay caught up on each weeks teaching. 
Reading Plan: Each week we will read a section of Psalms in preparation for the upcoming worship gathering. We invite you to read the weekly section of Psalms at your own pace and ask these 2 questions:
1. What grabbed my attention?
2. What does this teach me about who God is and what God is doing in the world?
April 20-25: Psalms 1-7
April27-May 2: Psalms 8-14
May 4-9: Psalms 15-21
May 11-16: Psalms 22-28
May 18-23: Psalms 29-35
May 25-30: Psalms 36-42
June 1-6: Psalms 43-49
June 8-13: Psalms 50-56
June 15-20: Psalms 57-63 
June 22-27: Psalms 64-70 
June 29-July 4: Psalms 71-77
July 6-11: Psalms 78-84 
July 13-18: Psalms 85-91
July 20-25: Psalms 92-98
July 27-August 1:  Psalms 99-105
August 3-8: Psalms 106-112
August 10-15: Psalms 113-119
August 17-22: Psalms 120-126
August 24-29: Psalms 127-133
August 31-September 5: Psalms 134-150