the vision: “to establish a permanent presence in Concord, NC

that will lead to eternal influence.”

In 2018 God made it possible for us to purchase our current property so we could fulfill the vision He gave us: to establish a permanent presence in the city of Concord that would lead to eternal influence. We began the Rooted Campaign for 3 reasons: 1. To have a down payment toward the purchase of our current property. 2. Renovate the current property to better fit our needs. 3. Extend our reach to the city of Concord and surrounding areas.

A Letter From Our PastorFamily Discussion Guide

2019 Family Meeting

Why Concord?

Why has God called One Life Church to set down roots in Concord? Because 66,000 of our neighbors do not have an active relationship with God. Let that sink in for a minute, 66,000. The symptoms are everywhere. One in five of our neighbors experience mental health hurdles, 33% of marriages end in divorce within the first seven years, 8 our of 10 families are living pay check to pay check, and 70% of our neighbors have experienced at least one traumatic life event. The human beings living right beside us are in need of the Gospel of restoration that we proclaim at One Life Church!

Stories of Restoration

“permanent presence leads to eternal influence”

Play Your Part

If One Life Church is the engine, your financial partnership is the oil. The engine cannot operate at full capacity without the oil. One Life cannot accomplish all that God has called her to without your faithful and sacrificial financial partnership. It takes all of us being on board. We want to invite you to consider two partnership options: 1) Make a one time gift toward the Rooted Campaign. 2) Become a monthly financial partner of One Life Church.






Mailing Address

1030 Central Dr NW  Concord, NC 28027