You might be curious about what we believe as a church. This should help answer a few questions.


We are live on Sunday mornings at 10:30am every weekend. If you can’t make it in person feel free to join us virtually.


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We’re a church that believes one life can make a difference. That’s our DNA.
It’s why we do what we do. At One Life our values help us live in sync with our DNA.


One Life Academy

OLA is a brand new environment we are starting Fall of 2019. It features a shared meal as well as engaging classes on a wide variety of topics. Interested? Check this out!


In 2018 God made it possible for us to purchase our current property so that we could fulfill the vision that He gave us: to establish a permanent presence in the city of Concord that would lead to eternal influence. Click here to find out how you can be a part!

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Join us online as we post family pictures of us being crazy, happy, sad, funny, nerdy, etc. We also share announcements here and there in case you need that kind of thing.

Current Series: 

This Time Tomorrow

What will you be doing this time tomorrow? That’s not a rhetorical question. Take a moment and think about it. What will you be doing this time tomorrow? Now here’s the follow-up question: Do you believe it’s sacred? Do you believe God is in it and working through it? The overlooked moments and routines of our days are full of opportunities to experience heaven here on earth in practical, fleshly ways. During this series of teachings we will take a fresh look at the intentional rhythms and sacred practices that mark a group of people that are doing their best to follow the way of Jesus this time tomorrow.