You might be curious about what we believe as a church. This should help answer a few questions.


We’re a church that believes one life can make a difference. That’s our DNA. It’s why we do what we do. At One Life our values help us live in sync with our DNA.


A website can only goes so far to tell the story of one life church. Our instagram page should give you a closer look into who we are.

Church Indoors

Starting on Jan 24, 2020 we will host indoor worship gatherings at 9:00am and 10:30am. Reservations for adults and childcare are required on Eventbrite.


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Church Online

Every Sunday we offer a church online service at 10:30am on Youtube. Our online chat hosts will welcome you and encourage you to engage in the chat as we dive into a sermon and worship.

Current Series: Colossians

The idea of ultimate truth is a difficult concept today. Many of us want to keep our options open and we want to allow others to do the same. What we claim to know is our version of the truth and comes from our own personal experience. The letter of Colossians was written to a similar group of people. A people wondering if there is one truth for all people. A people searching for the truth that leads to life. A people asking if there is one truth that reigns supreme above all else. The Apostle Paul concludes there is one supreme truth that leads to life.  That truth is found in a person, that person is God in flesh, and his name is Jesus. Our prayer is that during the next 8 weeks, as we walk through this letter, you will be drawn to Jesus as the all-sufficient truth.