One Life meets every Sunday morning at 10:30AM for our weekly worship gathering. You are invited to join us.

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We’re a church that believes one life matters and one life can make a difference. That’s our DNA.
It’s why we do what we do. At One Life our values help us live in sync with our DNA.


Life Groups

A Life Group is about rediscovering the church as a family on mission. It’s a place where everyone belongs and everyone contributes. It’s a place of grace where we explore, experience and live out the way of Jesus together.

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If you are new to One Life we would love for you to come to our Orientation Shindig, designed to show you some of the ins and outs of our church. You can register for the class on November 20th by clicking on this image above.

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Current Series: 
The Story Of God

Every person you encounter, every community you enter into and every culture you engage has a story; a way in which they see and understand the world, life and purpose. But there is ONE dominant story, one storyline, one story arc that shapes all other stories, that makes sense of all other stories, that can be found within every story. This storyline line is called The Story of God. During this series we will learn to see and tell our own stories through the lens of this dominant story.