We are regarded as a faith community that believe that every single life can make a difference through Christ. We value church as family, authentic living, and a culture of investing.

About Discipleship

We believe that Jesus told us to go and make disciples. This is our mandate. Discipleship is not just about knowing what somebody knows, but about learning to be what someone else is. That can only happen within the context of consistent, intentional relationships. Because of that, we believe that the best gift we can give to anyone is a relationship that inspires someone “Godward.”


About One Life Movement

It is our desire that you grow in your understanding of God, his son Jesus, and connect to the scriptures. Wherever you are on the spectrum of faith, be it skeptical or all-in, we simply aim to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey. That’s why we’re called One Life Church – we want to impact YOUR LIFE to take the next step in becoming closer with God.


About Genuine Worship

We believe that corporate worship is not a show scripted for entertainment purposes, but a gathering of people who desire to meet with God in a deeply spiritual way. We unashamedly speak about spiritual topics and make no apologies for the use of sacred acts such as scripture reading, prayer, weekly communion, offering and baptism. We want you to connect with God.